Debit Cards Program

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Why order, and what are the use cases?


Give employees their own company card so they can spend allocated money on business expenses.


Assign company cards to teams or projects for shared spending, aligned to an agreed budget.


Create virtual cards for dedicated types of spending to easily manage third-party suppliers such as subscription or online ad expenses, removing duplicate, wasted spend.


Allow employees or contractors to make approved ad hoc purchases with temporary virtual cards, which are active for 7 days, and set how many times they can be used.


Use the cards for advertising, dev, tech, and online service purchases.


And yes, you can make cash withdrawals using our physical cards.

Terms of opening a card

The service conditions are:


Card issuance: 25 EUR / card

Monthly card payment: 25 EUR / card

Physical card issuance (Chip + PayPass): 150 EUR / card

TopUp fee: 2%

Service description:

The cards' top-up fee is 2% and is made with Internal payment flow.

The top-up takes up to 1 business day after payment is received.

You will get a App access on your phone and a web browser dashboard with access to your cards, transactions, and balances.

With the App on your phone, you can add any card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay to use as a physical card to make POS payments.

Each card could be connected to 1 user only, but one user could have multiple cards.

You can order both Virtual (issued up to 1 business day) and Physical cards (issued within 1 business day; delivery timeframe is from 1 week, depending on your location).

The commission is calculated as a percentage of the amount to top-up the virtual card. Then, it is added to the top-up amount, creating the gross amount to pay for you.


Your wallet top-up limits:

Min 5k EUR per transfer per wallet (not a card)

Max 50k EUR per transfer per wallet (not a card).


Card limits:

Min 1 EUR per payment.

Max is 50k EUR per payment. Payments above 5k EUR could require additional verification from your mobile app.

No weekly or monthly limits are predefined. You can place the monthly/weekly/daily limit per transaction on the desired cards. In addition, you can create cards with a "lock after 1 payment" feature.


Cards limitations and alerts:

You are able to place the card spending limits as Monthly/Weekly/Daily and per-transaction spending limits.

You are able card from spending after the first transaction.

You are able to set up the alerts on minimum wallet balance and declined transaction alerts to be sent to the user’s emai


To create a virtual card account, we need the following:

First name - could be various. 

Last name - could be various.

Phone number - You will need a code from it to log in to the phone app or website app to manage the transactions and cards.

E-mail - You will need to log in to the phone app or website app to manage the transactions and cards. It could be provided from our side.

Both phone and email could be changed after.

Amount of desired cards (currently) and amount (EUR) to top up for each one.

After collecting the required information, you will receive your card account credentials.

Top-up process

Your funds are topped up to your user's wallet. All the user's cards
are connected to their wallet and use their balance. The spending
limits section could limit the card spending (balance).

To top-up your wallet/card, you need:

To mention your request in the group with your cards manager or email us.


To send an internal transfer to the Virtual Cards account.


To see the balance on your user’s wallet and start spending immediately.

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